Globalization has increased interdependency between countries to the extent that goods produced in one country is consumed in another. When the goods are transported from one place to another they are exposed to certain risks during transit. Marine Cargo Insurance provides protection to the Cargo Owners as it covers any physical loss or damage caused to the cargo whilst in transit or any storage which are incidental to transit from once place to another.

Any individual or organization may opt for Marine Cargo. They may be the sellers/buyers/exporters/importers/domestic traders who can suffer financial losses due to the physical damage caused to the cargo in transit. The Marine Cargo policies cover single as well as multiple transits, either by single mode or multiple modes like Rail/Road/Sea/Coastal/Inland Waterways/Air/Courier & Post.

The Cargo team at Policy Zone uses their expertise to provide comprehensive solutions for various cargo risks relating to crude oil, bulk cargo, project cargo and specific single shipments.

Various coverages include:

  • All Risks including coverage during loading, unloading
  • Coverage for strikes, riots & civil commotion risks
  • Damage due to war while in transit
  • Coverage for contamination, leakage risks

Solutions to all types of sailing objects from Dinghy to VLCC.

Having a team of veterans and experts from the industry, we provide comprehensive solutions to the construction & engineering sector globally by:

  • Hull & Machinery, IV Freight, covers for Ocean going vessels, Inland vessels, Coastal Vessels etc.
  • Ship Builders Risk Insurance
  • Ship Repairers Legal liability
  • Charterer’s Liability covers for charterers
  • War Risk Insurance and War Risk breach covers
  • Voyage and towage covers
  • Protection and Indemnity covers
  • Piracy
  • Port and Terminal Operators
  • Single Point Mooring (SPM) Buoys
  • Obtain maximum coverage at competitive premiums.

In respect of both Hull and Cargo, we provide specialized risk solutions to Insurers to get maximum reinsurance coverage and also organize warranty surveys and claim surveys. Our service also extends to providing direct clients and insurers in respect of complex and difficult-to-handle Claims.

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