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What is Home Insurance?

Home is where the heart is! Buying a house is one of life’s greatest decisions. You spend years of your hard-earned money to buy a place of your own. Yet, many people forget to secure their most important investment. Don’t be one of them! From jewelry to gadgets, your home has many valuables and isn’t just a piece of property.

Get Policy Zone home insurance and stay financially protected against unfortunate circumstances such as fire, theft, natural calamities, etc. We have plans that cover all your precious personal belongings at any additional premium. Be it the latest gadgets, your expensive bags, beautiful interiors or even your jewelry, home insurance assures everything. 

Why Buy Home Insurance?


Single home insurance policy

Complete protection for property, contents, along with the interests of yourself and your family members under a single policy.

Affordable premium

We provide affordable and attractive premium rates.

In-house claims unit

State of the art, In-house claims servicing unit for hassle-free claims process.


All-inclusive home Insurance

All Risk Insurance for jewellery, ornaments or high value items. Portable equipment’s such as laptops are also covered.

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